Jo graduated from the Christine Blundel Makeup Academy (CB*MA) London, having previously worked alongside the Army, serving a 6 years tour in Germany. She decided to make this change to follow her dream at the tender age of 40 (I'ts never too late)!


Since then she's worked on a variety of projects across film, TV, commercial and theatre.  


She says she simply loves her job and feels that her 'Northern nutty humour' and maturity helps create the perfect working relationship with both cast and crew.




Mobile: +44 (0) 7738166562

Driving Licence: Full plus car owner




I could say that I'm hard working, conscientious, determined and professional but then so could "anyone" so i'll say this...


I have worked with soldiers, who would test anybody's patience. I have dealt with high-ranking officers who behave like schoolboys and really should know better.  I have been the lower ranking tea girl in an office full of tea'oholics and I have cycled my way through countries with more undulations that I'd care to remember, still it was for charity, and as my Mum always says 'You have a true Northern girl's spirit' So if all that doesnt make me thick skinned, as strong as an ox and a great team player, I don't know what does...!




Justic League

Hair & Makeup Trainee

The Wyrd
Hair & Makeup Designer

Director - Chloe Wicks



Makeup and Hair Designer

Director - Simon Ryninks (Sweetdoh Productions)



SFX Hair & Makeup Artist (Trainee Daily)

Martin Campbell Film


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (Warner Bros)

Trainee Hair & Makeup Artist (including Barbering, period makeup, wig setting)

Director - David Yates


Lewis (ITV) Hair & Makeup Artist (Daily)

3 Episodes


Lucy - Google Promotion Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Simon Ryninks

for SweetDoh Productions


Hide & Seek - Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Tom Attenborough


The Fundamentals - Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Robert Ford


Mr Trivago - Practice piece for commercial

To be filmed later in 2015


Heinz commercial - Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Dominik Danielewicz (After Dark Productions)


Babylon TV Series (Daily Hair & Makeup Artist)

Directo - Sally El Hosaini (Nighjack Ltd)


The Clones/Prime Power (Commercial for ADS Securities)

Director - Nic Hamilton


Honda 'Warehouse' (Commercial) - Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Antony Petrou (for 11 Little Films)


Remetior - Moving Image Project

Director - Stuart Croft


Gemalto (Corporate) - Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Gavin Knight (for FGreat Studio Ltd)


The Macaron Man - Hair & Makeup Artist

Director - Ben Garfield


Evasive Action – Hair & Makeup Artist

Director – Alasdair Mackay


Panasonic Commercial ‘Katrina’ – Hair & Makeup Artist

Director – Anthony Leonardi (for Genlock Films)


The Briny – Hair & Makeup Artist

Director – Lucy Kirkwood (DNA Films For Film 4)


Cerberus – Makeup Artist

Director – Remy Bazerque (for SweetDoh Productions)


The Divorce – Makeup Artist

Directors – David & Danny Scheinmann


Dust – Makeup Artist

Director – Tom Cleary

Suffragette – Crowd Makeup & Hair Trainee (Continuity, broken down makeup, facial hair application, period hair)
Director - Sarah Gavron (for Gillerd Production Services Ltd)

My Real Dad - Makeup Artist
Director - Glyn Davies

3D Short Film - A Better Place - Makeup Artist
Director - Weronika Tofilska (for National Film & Television School)


Viral - Failure vs. Success Short - Makeup Artist
Director - Tim Partridge (for AWP - A Winning Personality)

Music Video for label Anjunadeep - Lane 8 'Babyfoot Romance' Makeup Artist
Director - Remy Bazerque (for SweetDoh Productions)

Joe & Mary's Kid - Makeup Artist
Director - Dan Rosen (for National Film & Television School)

Between Places - Makeup Artist
Director - Iain Finlay (for The Bureau Film Company)

A Man With Four Legs - Makeup Designer
Director - Ed Christmas (for EDC Productions)

Rest Stop - Makeup Artist
Director - Ben Masson (for MESSRS Production Company)

Suicide Is Easy - Makeup Artist
Director - Weronika Tofilska (for National Film & Television School)

Cornetto Advert - Competition - Makeup Artist (Overall 3rd)
Director - Remy Bazerque (for SweetDoh Productions)

Birdhouse - Makeup Artist
Director - Pekka Huumos (for National Film & Television School)

About A Dog - Makeup Artist
Director - Ryan Vernava (for National Film & Television School)

The Body - Makeup Artist (Winner of 'Shortcuts to Hell' competition)
Director - Weronika Tofilska (for National Film & Television School)

The Snare (Feature) - Makeup Designer (including SFX)
Director - Chris Cooper (for Bohemian Pictures)

The Shadow - Makeup Artist
Director - Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

The Patient – Hair & Makeup Artist
Director - Weronika Tofilska (for National Film & Television School)

Live and Let - Makeup Artist
Director - Adam Batchelor (for National Film & Television School)

The Show - SFX Makeup Artist
Director - James Alexandrau (for Phoenix Film Productions Ltd)

The Heart -SFX Assistant to Dan Byrn
Director - Dan Neeson (for National Film & Television School)

Hey Diddly Dee - Makeup Assistant
Director - Marc Warren (for Sky Playhouse)

It Wont Be You - Makeup Designer
Director - Sami Abusamra (for SweetDoh Productions)


Tigers Lair - Makeup Artist
Director  - Sean Buchanan and Dan Paton

One Chance (Paul Potts Story) Crowd Makeup Assistant
Director - David Frankel

300: Rise Of An Empire - Makeup Trainee for the SFX Team (scar application, colouring and blood application and dirty down)
Director - Noam Murro

Charity Advert - "Cold" for Orphans In Need - Makeup Artist
Director - Sara Petrai (for SweetDoh Productions)

Happy Hour - Makeup Artist (winner of Berlin Film Festival)
Director - Reme Bazerque (for SweetDoh Productions)


Celebrity Sleep Out 2012 - Makeup Artist for presenters and guest celebrities

(on behalf of Centre Point Charity) - Sky TV

Reflections - Makeup Artist

Director - Ashley Pegg

Ten to Ten - Makeup Artist
Director - John Malaney (for National Film & Television School)

Killer Moves - Makeup Artist
Director - Tim Partridge (for National Film & Television School)

Dregs - Makeup Assistant
Directors - Richard Rudy and Stephen Scott (for Fin Productions)

Steve Trister – Comedian/Actor – Makeup Artist
Male Grooming and basic makeup for Corporate Video Presentation, Camberwick Studios, London


Richard III - Shakespeare Globe, London

Wig and makeup observation

The Ghost Sonata - Chelsea Theatre, London
Basic and Aged makeup plus wig application

April 2006 - February 2012
Volunteer at the ‘Little Theatre (CATS)’ in Rhiendahlen, Germany
Stage Construction, Character Makeup Design, Secretary and Stage Manager


2002 – 2012 – Ministry of Defence:

  • Human Resource

  • Training Liaison Officer

  • Civilian Personnel Assistant

  • Personal Assistant to Wing Commander (RAF)



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